10 Things You Must Know About Hugh Masekela's No Borders Album

10 Things You Must Know About Hugh Masekela’s No Borders Album


10 things you must know about Hugh Masekela’s No Borders album. The Jazz icon had not released a body of work in 5 years because he had to wait to be inspired before he gave us something. Check out the 10 things you didn’t know about No Borders:

1. It is an educational and honest album.

2. Bra Hugh says the album was inspired by the “international diaspora kind of feel.”

3. The album is titled ‘No Borders’ because Bra Hugh doesn’t believe in borders because we didn’t create them. “African borders were created in 1886, in Germany, but we don’t know that and we fight over those borders” he explained.

4. The album features Kabomo, jazz guitarist Kunle Ayo, Zimbabwean musician Oliver Mtukudzi, Congolese-born singer-songwriter Tresor Riziki, Masekela’s son Sal Masekela and his nephew Selema Masekela.

5. No Borders was released 5 years after Hugh Masekela’s previous album.

6. On this album, Hugh Masekela tries to make Africans be aware of their own history.

7. The album comes with a map of Africa in 1590.

8. It took so long to make the album because Bra Hugh wasn’t inspired for a long time.

9. Hugh hopes Africans can see that we are all the same after listening to the album.

10. Masekela tries to play like Elijah Nkwanyana.