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Black Coffee Speaks On What Needs To Happen For SA Music To Go Global

Black Coffee Speaks On What Needs To Happen For SA Music To Go Global. The legend has been in the game for over a decade now and he has managed to breakthrough onto the world stage which is something South African musicians have not really done before.

While talking to Fader, Black Coffee explained what he thinks needs to happen in SA for our music to hit the world stage.

“People are paying attention now, so we need to really spend time on the production and approach things with a global eye when we’re making music. It extends all the way to how we mix and master the songs and the final product. I see so much amazing talent, but the production,” said the icon.

“But this also has to do with lack of accessibility and facilities. We don’t have the toys to make the music sound as professional. If those becomes more accessible then the quality will improve. The world is paying attention,” he explained.

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