Dr Malinga Wishes Nasty C A Happy Mothers Day

Dr Malinga Wishes Nasty C A Happy Mothers Day


Dr Malinga went to social media to wish Nasty C a Happy Mothers Day. So we all know about the Dr Malinga and Nasty C beef that started on social media after Dr Malinga discredited Nasty C’s Metro awards.

The rapper responded and fired shots that trended on social media for a while but Dr Malinga did not take this lightly. We thought the beef was over but it’s clear we are not going to hear the end of it anytime soon!

As we all know today is mothers day and we are seeing all our celebrities posting their mothers on the timeline but Dr Malinga decided to post a photoshopped pic of Nasty C’s album nominated for the Best Female award by the SAMAs. “Happy mother’s day @nasty_csa granddad loves you nigga” captioned Dr Malinga. 

Happy mothers day: