5 Of The Best Maskandi Female Groups In SA

South Africa is one country best known for embracing culture and tradition. Culture and Tradition that plays a vital part in gender separation. This separation has led to a number of discriminatory acts. Back in the days females were only allowed to be back singers in Maskandi music and anything else. As time developed some females saw that being a follower isn’t enough for them and its not doing any justice to their talents and passion for music. Most women are now slowly but surely dominating Maskandi music, most men see that as an insult while others appreciate to see African women embracing their identity and culture. South Africa now consists of a number of Female in Maskandi music, those who follow up on the genre know very well that these women are sprinkling some great magic in the industry.

Izingane Zoma


Izingane Zoma is a female dominated Maskandi group that has won a number of awards and have been around for more than a decade. The group repsresnted South Africa a number of times in other countries across the world.


Imithente was formed in 1993 and is led by the legendary vibrant woman Buselaphi, it consists of three women. The group have won an award of Best Maskandi Album


Umlami Wam


These are two females that sing songs that cut deep to the souls of people who understand them. They have a number of songs and few albums.


Amatshitshi Amhlophe


This group consists of two females who have made a number of albums that has gained them recognition that helped grow their career in the music industry. They formed in 90’s


Ubuhle Bezintombi




3 females that proved that Maskandi music is not only enjoyed,played,sang and praised by men only. This group has 5 albums so far.


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