5 Tips To Help You Become The Best DJ In South Africa


Those who take much great interest in music more especially Dj’ing would agree with the fact that it is not easy to make it quick and most successfully in that platform with just talent only. The issue is not the high rate of competition but with the personality attributes most wanna-be DJs tend to possess. Experts in the field do often say that being a DJ is not all about rolling the disc, it takes more than that to succeed and to make best of it.

Below are the tips guaranteed to help you become the best DJ.

1.Being a DJ may seem like something people do for fun or something that only talented people succeed in, that’s not entirely true. You have to study the field in and out, good theory will help you excel in your practicals. Attend a Deejaying school or get someone to mentor you.

2.Do note that the best DJs aren’t born they are made, Be a music fan and attend any club or concert to get pointers on what to do and what not to do. Don’t limit yourself, be open enough to listen and study any kind of music genres, there’s no telling of where your skills may take you so learn anything as you go.

3.All DJs get nervous. If you don’t, you’re doing it wrong. The trick is to be professional enough to hide it. Truth is things ┬ácan go wrong, but your job as a DJ is to hide that side of things from the audience as much as you can.

4.Be prepared to work long hours, let it be passion and not something you do for fame and fortune, you’d be amazed at how far that passion can get you.

5.Be patient, playing for a small crowd is the start, not all successful DJs went big at once they worked their way to the top.


These are just tips to help you improve your personality as a person that yearns to become the best DJ, you can learn the rest in a DJ school.

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