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Tresoro Riziki Shares A Heartwarming Story About His Life


A multi award winning singer,songwriter & producer who goes by the name Tresoro Riziki shared a heartfelt story on Instagram about his experiences while walking the journey that has put him where he is today. The singer recently released an album titled The Beautiful Madness. He is signed under Sony RCA in Africa and Ultra Records internationally which consists of the most famous DJs in the world like Avicii, Calvin Haris and Deadmaus to name a few. Riziki is from Goma Eastern DRC, he came to Durban in 2007 after finishing high school with a goal to pursue a music career which by the looks of things succeeded.

Tresoro is a co-founder of  Durban afro-fusion band Maisha and he has played alongside musicians such as Lira,Zahara,AKA, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Freshly Ground, Jesse Clegg, Prime Circle and Johnny Clegg just to name a few.

On his post on Instagram  Riziki stated how most people from his hometown never believed that he could make it “8 years ago!!! Just a small guy left one of the most troubled regions in the world to chase his Dream!In Goma, my hometown,It was hard for my people to even believe I’m their own and was that I was born there…for a very longtime because we’ve never had a story of hope or seen people succeed in living their dreams beyond our city!How Crazy ? We have ignited a new sense of hope and dream in our people!This is the beginning and we are growing …I am beyond excited about all great things ahead 💎Thank you for Joining and supporting my journey 🙏🏾”

To listen and to download the songs of Tresoro from his new album visit this link


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