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10 Interesting Details About DJ Doowap


DJ Doowap is the young most fashionable female DJ in South Africa who prides herself of her Swati Culture and is always introducing new and unique style to the world either through her music or her fashion. Her music is a mixture of trap,Hip Hop and Bass. She has been to many parts of the world but is now settled in SA. To know a bit about this cool young lady, read on the 10 interesting details about her below.

1.She was born in Swaziland, her mother is Swati and her father is British.

2.She grew up in Sandton, Johannesburg and went to a French school in Morningside, Lycée Français.

3.At the age of 15 she moved to Montreal in Canada for two years.

4.She fell oin love with music while she was in Canada, Partying hard and going to different night clubs.

5.She became a springboard diver at school and received a scholarship to participate in CAMO diving at Kingsmead College in Rosebank, Johannesburg. She missed out on olympics because she was busy partying and enjpyiong muisc.

6.She attended the Academy of Sound Engineering at the SABC in Auckland Park where she obtained her diploma in Sound Engineering.

7.She has a collection of sneakers.

8.She is 27 years old.

9.She became the face of Dubstep at YFM.

10.Her mentor is rap star Riky Rick.

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