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10 Interesting Details About DJ Ms Jones

Ms Jones is a DJ, producer and entrepreneur . Her latest single is Tell Me which features Red Rose  released through Mabala Records. She is pushing her way up the charts with her music . She has been in the country for over 10 years and has worked with a number of prominent artists in SA music industry.

1. She started playing vinyls in 2007 and featured her mixes on radio stations such as MetroFM and MotswedingFM

2.She had a breakthrough into mainstream in 2013 with the release of Me and Ms Jones and The Mood
featuring Maseng on vocals.

3.In 2014 she picked up the pace when she became the resident DJ on the popular SABC1 dance show Jika Majika and she recorded with DJ Bongz at eMabalabala label.

4.She was a host and content producer at Westside FM in Westonaria. “Keep on keeping on.

5.She and Rose met through facebook, “Red Rose found me. She inboxed me on Facebook, sent me a voice clip – she sounded amazing. She said she was interested in working with me” said Ms Jones.

6.Prior the release of her single she and Rose had worked three years to get the song released until now.

7.”It’s a gender thing, whether we like it or not. It’s male turf. In house, females are expected to sing. They have to learn to push just as much as their male counterparts. We should not feel like guys owe us something. We are DJs not ‘female DJs’,” Ms Jones adds

8.The one floor will be thumping with house beats from the likes of DJs China and Terence, while the other floor will be the playing ground for hip-hop DJs such as Rockboy and 2TM, a female DJ duo

9.She is now 30 years.

10. She is releasing her album soon,

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