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Killer Kau’s Tholukuthi Hey Officially Number 1 Song On iTunes

It has only been a week since the song Tholukuth Hey by Killer Kau was released and already it has reached the number 1 spot on iTunes. Killer Kau is the young man discovered by DJ Euphonik, in the song there’s also a teenage female Mbali who is a vocalist also made famous by Euphonik.

The three worked on a song in one night. They broke the record with how quick they worked on this hit single. The song was done and ready and was performed in a concert where Riky Rick was also performing in that one weekend.
Euphonik called in a few favours and the song was already on radio and will be performed in a concert that will be held in Soweto this weekend.

The 17 year old has also done a radio interview with mo Flava on 5FM. Killer Kau and Mbali are still in High school.
The song has now reached number 1 on iTunes, it might be the song of the year judging by how people are praising and loving it.

Listen to the song :

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