The Tragic Death Of Kwaito Star Tsekeleke


Kwaito Musician and Dancer Mixon Tholo famously known as Tsekeleke passed on after spending two months in Vosloorus Hospital for suffering Diabetes. He had gone through several various amputation procedures on his right leg. The Diabetes was diagnosed last year. This year the situation got worse that it led him to spend time in hospital and to go through more amputations of his body parts. His close friend Max Mjampa explained to  TshisaLive that The Fatty Boom Boom singer was in pain for months before his death.

Doctors said that amputation was a strong possibility after his condition led to Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), which restricts blood flow to the feet and legs.The first amputation procedure was last year where they cut his toes, The second procedure was where doctors kept “moving up” from his toes as the PAD continued to affect his body. On the third one Max says Tsekeleke felt so much pain. It is the fourth procedure which was to be his last that took his life.

Mjamba added that Tsekeleke was the one who was supporting his family “He was the breadwinner for the family. He brought in money through his recordings and performances. He was connected to tubes and couldn’t communicate but he was aware of his surroundings. When he spoke of death, I tried to discourage him. You don’t want to talk about things like that. He said he must go. It was too much … the pain, he said, was too much,” said Max.

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