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WATCH: Die Antwoord Trailer For Zef TV

One of the most artistic musical group in SA Die Antwoord has done what they always do best, surprising people with all their bizarre artistic talents when they released a trailer for Zef TV. The group which consist of two members Ninja and Yolandi have been on the move a lot this year, they released an album with a controversial cover photo in June, they also released toys and lastly a comic book titled F**k everyone. Their recent project is the TV series they have started working on which is about their lives in South Africa.The show is called South African Ninja.

The trailer of their first episode of the show was released 2 weeks back and they have received international attention for it. The duo expressed that all of their music videos were a lead up to this TV series. In the series they will be taking us through their lives as musicians and their experiences ever since they broke into the music industry. Most of those who were wondering why these two talented artists do things the way they do are about to have their questions answered.

“All the ZEF videos and movies DIE ANTWOORD have made over the last 7 years were little clips from our own TV SERIES we making called SOUTH AFRICAN NINJA! ZEF TV in da making! Go hard or go 2 church! Fokkit,” the caption of the trailer reads. One can tell from their freedom of expression that they are not backing down anytime soon and they are growing from what they are doing.

Watch The Trailer Here :

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