5 Best Afro-Pop Duets Of Love Songs Of All Times


Love songs always find a way to sink in deeper to anyone either on their minds or on their hearts they just do. People happen to relate to every story a love song usually tells, whether sad or sweet.

Afro pop singers do justice to love songs, even more so when a woman and man collaborates in that one particular song that gets your heart pumping, body sweating and mind racing with thoughts. Some songs remind you of things you tried so hard to forget while others remind you of things that just put a smile on your face, either way a song is that powerful, the power it can have on a person is extraordinary.

The 5 songs listed below relate to romantic love, the one that gets you up at night and drives you crazy to a point where you lose yourself. Afro pop seem to detail or pass the message of love in a way everyone can blend into. Some of the songs are from years back but they still carry the same meaning and the same ability to manipulate the mind and heart but in a good way. Watch and Listen to these beautiful songs, they will make you fall in love, with not only your partner but with music and the creation of these talented musician.


1.Kelly Khumalo ft Robbie Malinga

2.Zahara ft Oliver Mtukudzi

3.Robbie Malinga ft Naima Kay


4.Vusi Nova ft Monoea

5.Nathi ft Amanda – Intonga Yam




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