Jamie-Lee Sexton Releases New Single ‘Magic’


Former Sexton band member and founder Jamie-Lee decided to go solo and has now released her debut single Magic. The song is also the lead single on her upcoming EP.

The artist was interviewed by Channel24 where she spoke about the single and her going solo. “This newfound direction is about reinventing myself as an artist with a renewed energy and vision.It was a decision based on pursuing and achieving my personal goals. I have always been a solo artist at heart. Jamie-Lee Sexton as a brand is my passion and always was, and today I want to dedicate my time and energy towards this change.”

The songstress added to an interview that the single Magic was inspired by the magic of life that she experienced every day. People inspired her song.
“The song is my musical translation of how I envisioned magic since a child up until today
Her current is to work on EP which she has set to release next year.”I am initially releasing a couple of singles after Magic and there after the complete EP will be revealed in mid 2018. A lot is in the works at the moment, I will be performing at some awesome music festivals including Oppikoppi and White Mountain. Also look out for the Nationwide tour which is in the pipeline.”

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