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K.O Speaks Of How Things Went South For Him After ‘Caracara’

K.O revealed in an interview on Fresh Breakfast that after the hype that surrounded his Hit Single Caracara died down, things for him musically just didn’t go well at all. The rapper who was part of the Hip Hop group Teargas for years decided to go solo, following the separation he released the hit single that got him nominations Caracara. After the release of the song, he kept low for a while which led a number of people to insinuate that he was sick.

On that note the artist told Fresh that “The rumours around my health at the time helped get people talking about Caracara. I attracted a lot of support to what I was doing around the time of Caracara but once things started dying down, that ‘support’ started dismantling. That is why I created new relationships, a new set up for myself and tried to find a new sound. I had to dig deep and try create a whole new path, on my own,” he said.

“It was my time to reflect on the struggles that I faced. Some people thought that I no longer have it (star power) and didn’t see my potential as a solo artist. Others criticised me for what happened at Cashtime not knowing how I sacrificed for the artists on that label and how my own career suffered because of the time I put in to promote them. I needed to clear the air,” he said.

The rapper was accused of being a “has been” and failing his artists in his record label Cashtime Life record  who left after the crisis he was dealing with in the two year period of his mute in the music industry. The Caracara hitmaker did reinvent himself and has been releasing singles which will be compiled in his upcoming album set to release before the end of the year.


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