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Robbie Malinga Responds To Rumors About His Health Status


There have been a rumors circulating around Social Media that Musician Robbie Malinga is suffering from health issues but the composer denied those allegations clarifying that he is perfectly fine. There is an image that was taken at an Metro FM event that led to the speculations of him being sick. In the picture people say he looks frail, what is a fact in it all is that he has aged meaning he doesn’t look like the Robbie people are used to and has lost a lot of weight.”I’m not sick. Let people talk, but I know that I’m fine,” he said.

Universal Music spokesperson Dharam Sewraj stated that Malinga’s condition is due to his touring across SA without resting.”He has been travelling across the country for months without rest. He needs to take a break and look after himself. He is under strain but still works day in and day out.”

The Mthande Hitmaker’s manager Sipho Dube said also said that the musician is, in fact, working on an album due to be released later this month. He stepped up to  clear upon all confusion regarding his colleague’s health, saying he was doing just fine.

The artist does however admit that he did have a health scare back in June where he was diagnosed with anemia but claim to have recovered fully. According to him his weight loss was due to iron deficiency.”I got sick then because I was tired,” Robbie added.


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