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Dr Malinga And Nasty C Settle Their Beef

Few months back it was reported that the two artists Qgom star Malinga and Rap muso Nasty C were entangled in a bitter conflict which led people to insinuate that the two were hateful to each other.

Like most beefs, Malinga and Nasty C’s stew cooked up on social media. It started with Malinga tweeting “Nasty C is like a pawn shop keeping things that do not belong to him”

Nasty C responded by saying that “You’re like a 103 and you wear green shorts all the way up to your man-boobs, and pink shoes, and you pretend to try to kick down a plane when you on stage. You’re fucking gimmick. You are a publicity stunt. Let it go, it’s okay, cut the shit” said Nasty on the video clip he posted on Instagram which has now been removed.

Now Malinga has come forward to clear the air and stated that it was a big misunderstanding from fans and that they were not arguing but voicing out their opinions as individuals.

“It was a misunderstanding. I was giving my views and he was giving his. People will always misinterpret things so we spoke about it and we laughed. It wasn’t awkward at all, he didn’t duck and dive. I even joked with him and told him I was going to moer him, while I was walking towards him. We just laughed and even took a picture together,” said Malinga in an interview with TshisaLive.

Akulaleki hitmaker went on to say that he sees Nasty C as a son, proving that he holds no negative feelings about him and that he is proud of his(Nasty C) achievements.”He is great and I call him my son because he is like my son, and i see him like my son. I am proud of him and there is nothing bad between us,” said Malinga.

He further added that he would love to work with the Hell Naw hitmaker in the future. “I can’t confirm anything but I would love to work with him and we will what happens in the future.”

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