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Slikour On The Launch Of SlikourOnLife Incubator


Slikour On The Launch Of SlikourOnLife Incubator. Former Skwatta Kamp member who is now a businessman Siya Metane famously known as Slikour has established an initiative to help 12 unknown young rappers by giving them a breakthrough into the industry through SlikourOnLife Incubator. The rapper will be scouting talent from different cities in South Africa.

“The Incubator album takes SlikourOnLife to the next level. We’ve selected the very best hip-hop songs submitted to SlikourOnLife and compiled them into an album‚ and I’m taking everything I would do for myself and handing it over to these artists‚” says Slikour.

SlikourOnLife Incubator is one of the top websites in South Africa out of the thousand. The main aim of the website is to share information on urban culture and music‚ and feature videos and interviews to give substance to the music and musicians who do not have access to traditional platforms.

“Whenever I hear great talent I always ask myself ‘what if these kids need that one chance that got me to where I am today?’ I live by the theory that we all have a CSI responsibility‚ and I have the relationships and resources to bring media‚ industry and artists together. It’s my responsibility to utilise them. These 12 kids have a talent‚ and I’m plugging them into an environment that will allow them to walk the path that I’ve walked,” he said.

SlikourOnLife Incubator offers access to resources that would have taken these undiscovered young stars years to build up‚ such as a music video‚ press conference‚ streaming‚ a publicity campaign and a TV distribution channel. This will by no doubt change most people’s lives.




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