Top 5 Songs Of Soul Brothers

Watch & Listen to top 5 songs of the legendary Mbhaqanga band Soul Brothers. These songs will take you back to the old times when music meant so much more than it doesnow as it was another escape from the suffering of black people.

The songs listed below are of all times, since from the 70’s when the grouped formed and made their unique soulful music. Since they started they have never stopped, members kept on passing on but that didn’t stop them from giving us the piece of work that our grandmothers admired and will be admired by our grandchildren as they serve as part of South African Heritage.

Unfortunately a lead singer of the band David Masondo whose nickname was Mdavu passed on back in 2015, he was the voice behind the group and has been a committed member until his last days. The group have won too many awards to count, they have performed for audiences in and out for South Africa spreading their piece of music, which by far they the only ones who have managed to master. Young or old, white or black everyone can relate to their music. The way the instruments and the voices and lyrics accompany each other is magical, you can tell from each song how it was more about passion than music. Their legacy lives on.




3. Ngyazenzela

4.Mama KaSbongile

5. Nilindeni

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