5 SA Musicians That Were Brutally Murdered


Most celebrities that SA lost have died through sicknesses or car accidents, the other few that have passed on just died too soon because they suffered in the hands of perpetrators. The Musicians listed were shot and stabbed. This is just another example of how unsafe citizens are with all these criminals who are looking to gain through blood, tears and pain of others. Death is inevitable and unexpected but that is not reason enough to take someone else’s life. According to a study that was done by businesstech.online in 2012 South Africa was the second country with the most gunshot deaths. Most of these firearms were and are unlicensed. By the looks of things the rate hasn’t decreased at all, people are being shot daily. SA tries to prevent criminal acts, what it fails to do is practicing justice and giving fair punishment as to set an example.

Below is the list of the musicians that were murdered :



14 April 2007. South Africa, North West, Sun City. Flabba making his thank you speech at the South African Music awards ceremony.

Nkululeko Hadebe famously known as Flabba was an SA Hip Hop musician who made a name for himself in the country and was promising to go big. The star died back in 2015 after being stabbed a number of times by his girlfriend who was sentenced to 8 years in prison. Flabba left behind a wife and 2 children.


Lucky Dube


The best reggae artist to ever exist in South Africa, Lucky Dube was shot during a hijacking by unknown men back in 2007. The singer died in the scene. The two men that murdered the Legendary musician were sentenced to life imprisonment back in 2006.


Dumi Masilela


Dumi was also invloved in a hijacking ordeal which he tried to run away from but was unfortunately shot a number of times and later died in Hospital. It was reported recently that the police has so far 3 suspects. The Shona Phansi left behind a wife.


Rowick “Deep” Stevens


The DJ that won the hearts of SA house music lovers Deep Stevens was found dead in Eldorado Park last year ion April 2016. It was specualted that the DJ was shot a multiple times.


Peter Nthwane

A Jazz artist that died in 2016 after being shot two times in his home in Bloemfontein. He was 64 years old. His 39 year old wife was a suspect of his murder. No arrests have been reported so far.

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