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Top 10 South African Kwaito Artists Of All Time


Kwaito is one of the most prominent and consistent music genres in South Africa. Below is a compilation of Top 10 South African Kwaito Artists Of All Time who have moved and inspired us with hits after hits.

1. Zola

Bonginkosi Dlamini has enjoyed success as a Kwaito superstar, and is probably the most popular Kwaito artist in the country; Lance Stehr of Ghetto Ruff records has referred to Zola as “the second biggest brand in the country next to Nelson Mandela.”Zola not only performs but also writes and produces some of his own music, signing to the independent label Ghetto Ruff records.


SA Mourns the Loss of a Kwaito Legend Mandoza

SA Mourns the Loss of a Kwaito Legend Mandoza

Known for his hit singles such as Nkalakatha, Tornado, Sgelekeqe, Godoba and Indoda, Mandoza topped the charts in South Africa and all over, his second album Nkalakatha released in 2000 became the biggest selling album in his career selling 350 000 units which made him a big African celebrity and a Kwaito multi-platinum selling artist to have come out of the African continent.

3. Mdu



Mdu is known as the Godfather of kwaito

4.Brown Dash

Brown Dash

Brown Dash

Brown was signed by TS Records’ boss, TK Nciza after hist stint as a  a backing vocalist and dancer for Mapaputsi’s Izinja song. He also worked with kwaito outfit Amasgumfete.Brown Dash later collaborated with Mzekezeke on Sguqa Ngamadolo which was a hit.  His debut album, Puff ’n Pass sold more than 25 000 copies with hit singles like Phansi Komthunzi Welanga which truly turned him into an instant star.

5. Arthur Mafokate

Arthur Mafokate

Arthur Mafokate

Arthur Mafokate created the first biggest kwaito hit with his 1995 song “Kaffir” which to date has sold over 500 000 copies.While the song itself is notable musically for spearheading a new genre of music, its lyrics reflect the new freedoms that emerged after the political changes of 1994, including the implementation of a new constitution and democratic election system. Mafokate is nicknamed “King of Kwaito'” He is the founder of the 999 Music Label, a privately owned company which produces various top and upcoming artists of all genres. Mafokate named his newly formed music label 999 Music, after the house number of his family home in Chiawelo. Some of his productions are Chomee, Lira, Cici, Lungelo, Pantsula, Jamela, Ishmael, Kabelo, Chiskop, Supasta, Bambezela, Groove City, Dancemasters, Hip Hits, Dance II Sweat, Mob City, Papa Jeff (Jeff Maluleke), Pinky Pinky, Aba Shante, New School, Purity, Speedy, Makhendlas, Brenda Fassie, Scamtho, Helela, Iyaya, Mouze, Zombo, Zulu, Chafkop, and Stitch.




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