Top 5 Entrepreneurial SA Musicians Of 2017

Top 5 Most Entrepreneurial SA Musicians of 2017. It’s always refreshing to see musicians not limiting themselves to only making music but going that extra mile to prove to fans that music alone can never make you enough money.

Truth is, musicians are aware that sustaining a flashy lifestyle will require them to shift from their comfort zone, to be versatile & to venture into businesses inspiring fans to do the same.

The 5 artists listed below are few of many who own a variety of businesses which they too regulate an income from.


1.DJ Sbu

After getting fired from Metro FM beginning of the year he announced sale of a 26% stake of his MoFaya beverages company to Coca-Cola for R493 million. He won an award of Trailblazer Of The Year 2017, making him one of the most recognised businessman and youth inspirer.

2.Black Coffee

He bought one of the biggest clubs in Soweto Zone 6 and has been involved in many projects that have madr him enough money to make him one of the wealthiest musicians in SA.

3.DJ Zinhle

She has a DJ Academy for girls, she owns a shop of watches based in Sandton, established a show to help women in need of changing their lives. Zinhle is a true female role model for most. It doesn’ seem like it but she’s loaded.

4.Arthur Mafokate

He has a recording company, Owns a few buildings in Gautengs and is producing music on the side. Arhur is one Kwaito artist who have altered the stereotype of Kwaito stars.


He is as much of a good musician as he is a businessman, he is a property investor and producer.There’s a lot he has been doing actually ,he stated on one of the interviews that he plans to take his business abroad as a way of making more money.

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