Pics! Thina Zungu’s Stolen Car Has Been Recovered & Thanks All Who Shared

Pics! Thina Zungu’s Stolen Car Has Been Recovered & Thanks All Who Shared – GOSPEL musician Thinah Zungu has become a victim of car theft in the parking lot.

This transpired On Friday, 27th of September 2019. It is reported that his Ford Ranger was stolen outside the Blue Waters Hotel in Marine Parade.

The award-winning singer explained he has never anticipated crime being easily operated in a parking lot outside the hotel. He assumed he was in a safe zone. “But unfortunately, I’ve now learnt there’s no parking space I can regard as safe,” he said.

Mr Zungu Thinah detailed he parked his car at about 8.30am prior entrancing the hotel. When he asked for footage, the hotel explained the CCTV cameras didn’t cover the side where he parked.

“I was attending an event at the hotel and came out at 9.45am to find the car was not where I left it.”

Thinah Zungu tok to social media to share that his car has been recovered and he appreciates all the prayers.

When his car was stolen this is the image and caption he posted on the 29th of September 2019.

Plz help they jst stole my car with everything plz assist in Durban about an hour ago ND 874491

When his car was recovered he posted images to his fans how he has been recovered.

This is what the caption ahd to say:

Recovered thanks to everyone who share and help…

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