5 South African Afro-Jazz Bands To Look Out For In 2017

It has been proven by many experts that Jazz music has the ability to relax the mind and the mood of any one listening to it. The instruments just go straight to the soul. South Africa may not be the country that invented such kind of music but it makes best of it. We have a number of jazz artists that have been recognized globally and it is one genre that most people are fast engaging in.

If you have an undying love for Jazz then you wouldn’t mind listening out to the bands listed below.They are not as famous as they should be but they are super talented.

Heels over Head


This band consists of only females who are located in Durban. The group formed in 2008 and perform music that is a mixture of smooth and easy-breezy jazz. They perform in various places around the Country.




This group has class and style, they are based in Johannesburg. Ethnix perform light jazzy African contemporary classics which provide background music entertainment for a variety of events. They use saxophone, Violin, Guitar and Double bass.


Chilli & Time


This band formed in 2006, the band perform traditional jazz, Latin, Funk and African favourites. They have performed alongside Mango Groove, Judith Sephuma, Sbongile Khumalo and Lauren Hill.

Julia Lamberti Jazz Quartet

Multi-Cultural band that performs cool mix of Jazz Standards, Funk, Afro Jazz, R&B and the Blues. They usually perform in the biggest hotels in the country like Hilton, Radison Blu and Summer Place.


Homeground Band



They are located in Cape town , they play Jazz, African Jazz, Neo Soul and commercials pop music. Each member of the group plays a different instrument , they have guitarist, bass guitarist, Drummer, keyboardist and singer.

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