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DJ Fresh Explains Why He Turns Down Offers

DJ and Businessman Thato Sikwane famously known as DJ Fresh explained why he has turned down offers that came with a big cheque. His reason was that he wants to service people and the only way he see fits is working at Metro FM. In his other reason he stated that he is driven by passion and not money. The DJ has been in the industry for over a decade now working as a music producer, DJ, TV and Radio Personality and also as a businessman.

Being a public figure that is admired by many and has done a great contribution in the industry Fresh has been asked a number of times to do a reality TV show which he refused to do. “I think I’ve been asked to do a reality show three times. I won’t do it. I am a private person, hence the reason I’m never out. I only do what I believe in,” he said.

Recently the Metro FM DJ revealed that he turned down an offer from 947 that came along with a fat cheque.”I turned it down because I want to service people. And the best way I could get that was at Metro,” he explained. He also added that it is important to do what you believe in and even if money is dangled in front of you it is essential to maintain that passion. He said passion always outweighs financial gain to him.

Fresh went on to reveal how he handles criticism, “I choose not to go ‘Euphonik on them’ but instead i take to heart what people say and if i feel they have a point, i’ll make changes,” He said.

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