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Moshe Ndiki Releases A New Qgom Single Titled ‘Choza’

Multi-talented vlogger and TV Presenter Moshe Ndiki has dropped a new dance single titled Choza. The artist rose into fame when he was constantly posting YouTube videos a while back and has even got into acting. He truly is the jack of all trades.

In an interview on the drive show on 5FM with Masechaba Ndlovu And Mo Flava he expressed that he wants to make music that convey everyday feelings. He added that his single was inspired by a treatment he has a received as a gay man in the society.

He said the even though the single is a dance song but he intends to pass on the message with it.

“My vibe is take off your shoes and dance, it’s a good time vibe. My song is actually a reflection of a diva side of me. As a gay man living in South Africa, everytime I go to a friend’s house or an event, people will treat me normally as long as they think I am a straight man. But as soon as they discover that I am gay, then I’m suddenly everyone’s friend. But, I absolutely hate that, I am not your friend. I am my friend’s friend not yours,” said Moshe.

His new single is now available on iTunes.

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