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WATCH : Nasty C’s Message To All The Girls That Didn’t Like Him Pre-Fame

Rapper Nasty C decided to send a message to all the girls that weren’t into him before fame and money. Reality is, there are people that like you better or more when you have something like money and fame. Nasty C must have felt it was hypocritical for these girls to be crazy about him now when before fame they didn’t give him the time of the day.

The rapper said something that will just give these girls enough reason to look the other way as he did when they turned him down. The Hell Naw Hitmaker posted a short video on instagram doing a shout out to all these girls. Nasty C proved that taking someone for granted and being there for them because of what they have isn’t cool at all.
To watch the video click on the link below.


Fans Response To His Post :

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