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10 Interesting Facts About Loui Lvndn

Loui Lvndn (Pronounced as London) whose real name is Lutho Mtyamde is a multi-talented artist who does anything from singing, song writing, rapping, performing and writing. The artist has two album to his name so far, the first one which released in 2016 is Hikari (Japanese word for “Light”) which features the likes of artists Petite Noir and Spoek Mathambo. Hikari was a success, it was then followed by the second album Your Princess Is In Another Castle with a hit lead single titled Kill Her Killer. The artist is currently signed under Gallo Music Records.

1.He’s a great fan of Hip Hop music in general.

2.He is happiest when he in the trance and daze that comes when he’s either composing or writing a song.

3.Michael Jackson,  Pharrell Williams And The Weeknd are his heroes.

4.Treasured possession are Headphones.

5.His nicknames are Lord Hikari aka Lord Light aka Darling Boy aka Her Killer.

6. If he wasn’t an artist he would be a novelist Or lawyer. Or be a fine artist even though he is already a graphic designer.

7.Five words he describes himself by are Formidable. Light. Dark. Narcissistic. Obsessive.

8.The first song he wrote changed his life.

9.His greatest fear is TIME.

10.He won a Pendoring Award for Craft Illustration for a book he designed while in college called 30 Years Of South Africa Illustrated.

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