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“I can’t breathe without a cigar” says Tumi Molekane aka Stogie T

Poet and rapper Tumi Molakane who also goes by the name Stogie T has expressed his deep craving and desire for Cigars by saying that he can’t breathe without them. “I have convinced myself I can’t breathe without a cigar. I have convinced myself of that. Whether we are looking good or in dire straits, this cigar is getting smoked,” said the Bambezela hitmaker. Tumi has had her fair share of going from wealth to poor. The rapper had a lot of money that he admits he spent for three weeks and went flat broke afterwards. He also said that having zeros in his bank account will never stop him from smoking a cigar.

“I was shown the light when I got a lump sum of money and after three weeks of living large, I had nothing to show for it. I looked at it and I was like no man,” he added to his interview with Rams on Metro FM. Tumi had his wake up call is now ready to take on the world and and make best of his career.”I want to be honest with it (my career). When I was young I was ideologically young. I was talking about the world that it could be. Now I talk about the world that I see.”

Stogie T’s latest release is a self-titled album Stogie T, included are tracks which features big names such as EMtee, Nasty C and Yanga.

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