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Hip-hop Musician Pope Troy Expresses His Views About President Jacob Zuma

Music Producer and Hip Hop muso Pope Troy stated his views in a long statement about President Jacob Zuma of how even though he’s not the best president he deserves a great deal of respect. It’s not everyday celebrities express their views about politics because they know how 1 single opinion can have  a negative effect on their brand and status so most keep mum. Those who decide to express themselves nonetheless make sure that they do it thoroughly and show no regrets about it. Pope’s point of view was focused on how disrespecting the President is ruining the credibility status of South Africa as a country.

“Zuma isn’t the best president but he is a president non the less (sic) and deserves presidential respect‚ irrespective of his corrupt actions as president for holding the title and position of presidency nobody deserves to be disrespected like the ANC veteran who fought hard along side other current politicians and world leaders to achieve black freedom in South Africa. For that alone Zuma deserves to be respected never mind his mishaps the reason being is that children are being subliminally taught to disrespect adults through the use of the #ZumamustFall campaign tarnishing his credibility in front of the world which only achieved nothing but a bad credit status on South Africa as a whole (sic)‚” Pope Troy wrote in a statement.

The artist added that EFF’s Leader Julius Malema does nothing but inspire hared and division amongst those living in South Africa. “This disrespectful behaviour advertised to foreign investors by political leaders such as Julius Sello Malema is only going to inspire hatred and division amongst South Africans specifically amongst blacks which continues to give off an impression to other races that blacks are stupid and thus continually kept at the bottom of the food chain all this #ZUMAMUSTFALL campaign has achieved is division and blacks are seen taking blacks out damaging each others property and credibility instead of us being a united front (united we stand divided we fall) like white people are‚ we are divided and stupid enough to prolong the effects of black criticism when its killing us slowly‚ The #ZumaMustFall campaign wasn’t a wise idea nor will it retain the respect necessary for people to invest in South Africa all its Done is prove blacks are still a divided Front (sic).”

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