Top 50 South African Songs At The Moment

If you were wondering whether or not that 2017 song you love so much is trending or not, now you can have all of that answered. Radio Monitor has produced results of the 50 biggest songs in SA at the moment, it is quite an interesting list considering the fact that it has all of the songs that everyone loves to bits and pieces. The list doesn’t specify, it includes all the genres that are trending as of late.

The rate at which SA songs are trending it shows that the 99% of local music radio play is fast becoming a reality. It’s always better if artist are more boosted in their own country, it gives them good credibility to places from abroad. Musicians complain of how the lack of radio affects them and their fans negatively which is fair looking at how most radios play more international songs than local.

On the list every song is well detailed, the company the song was released under, the owners, the trending percentages, the number of radio plays it has had and more.

Fix your eyes and check the list of the Top 50 South African Songs at the moment.

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