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WATCH : Nakhane Toure ‘Makes Out’ On A New Music Video

Multi-award winning homosexual singer Nakhane Toure has made a music video that further expresses his liberty in his sexuality by making out with an unknown male character and showing some hot and heavy affection.

The video is one of his latest releases for a song titled Clairvoyant. It is a follow up from the new film the singer stars in titled Inxeba-The Wound which just released. The film had people talking mostly those of Xhosa culture who seemed infuriated at the fact they used the culture to tell a story of  homosexuality. Toure received homophobic threats on social media because of the film.

“I am so tired of talking about this. It is draining to talk about the same thing over and over. Yes‚ I have had to cancel some of my planned trips to the Eastern Cape and Cape Town due to the threats‚ but I have really said everything there is to be said‚” Nakhane said. He added that “The film is very important and tells a deserving story. I don’t regret being part of the people that tell this story. People need to watch it before they judge it.”

The video is not suitable for younger viewers.

WATCH the Music Video Below : Nakhane Toure – Clairvoyant


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