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Black Twitter Rips Riky Rick Into Shreds In Second Apology For ‘Fake Sneakers’

Black Twitter has done what it does best expressing their most funniest comments and memes giving no care about what other people may think or say. This time around Rapper Riky Rick is the victim.

A while back the ‘cotton-eater’ shared a video exposing one of the boys that work for him for wearing fake sneakers ‘balenciaga’, in the video he offers to buy the boy an original pair and all the other people in the locker room laughed hysterically at the young lad. The boy seemed to not mind what Riky did and was grateful for the pair of sneakers he got but Twitter quickly concluded that the Sidlu’ukotin hitmaker was humiliating the boy and judged it to be highly unacceptable.

The rapper apologised at first in twitter, saying that it was meant to be a joke nothing as serious as twitter made it out to be. Now over a month later the rapper apologises again but Black twitter just wasn’t having it, one of the users even said maybe he’s about to drop a single that’s why he saw the need to apologise again after so much time.

The victim Mtselu told IOL publication that the incident had “deeply” embarrassed him and led to his girlfriend of 11 months ending their relationship. This gave Riky enough reason to apologise and the guy accepted his apology.

This is how Riky Apologised on Twitter : 


…And this is how Black Twitter tore his cotton apart


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