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Ntsiki Mazwai Reveals Another Abuse

Afro pop singer and poetess Ntsiki Mazwai revealed once again that she is going through some horrendous abuse from one of her male family members.

Last week, Mazwai revealed that Brickz who is currently going trial for allegedly raping his niece also raped her. It took her some time to finally say the name, all the while she has been saying she was once sexually assaulted  by a certain musician. Now, she is taking it to social media again to accuse a certain family member for abusing her emotionally calling her all sorts of demeaning and insulting names.

“Nobody is hearing my cry. Everybody keeps quiet as he hurls abuse…He does it every day. Swears at me every day. Accuses me of things I haven’t done just so he can express his rage at me,” she wrote on Instagram saying that the male is making her life a living hell.

According to Ntsiki the way the situation has worsen she is even beginning to have murderous thoughts.”Why do you think I’m now shouting loud for the world. I have murderous thought. He is so foul and disgusting. Undithuka (insulting me) every single day. It’s so toxic,” she said, in response to a fan’s own tale of abuse.

On the post she further added that men are a danger to women in households.”Patriarchy is a deep and difficult problem we face as a society, in our families. It is a vile disease that make the men in our homes a danger to us,” she added.

She claimed that this emotional abuse has caused her depression.

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