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Ntsiki Mazwai Reveals The Musician That Allegedly Raped Her

Poetess And Afro-pop musician Ntsiki Mazwai still stands firm on the accusation she made of how a certain SA musician once raped her. The name of the male musician was not revealed until today and it turned out to be Brickz. The Kwaito male star is already undergoing trial for allegedly raping his niece. The poet keeps on expressing herself  in regards to the gruesome rape she went through years back but said nothing at the time. In a series of tweets and blog posts she tells how the whole incident took place, TshisaLive has expressed that she and Brickz were once close.

“An industry guy once forced his d*ck inside me … and thing is … I know I said no and I know I tried very hard to push him off me … He was just too strong … but yeah, I’m lying,” she wrote in one of her tweets.

The musician’s lawyer told the publication that he was not aware of the claims brought against his client and prefered to not comment until he had received instruction from him. “I have no knowledge of this incident and cannot comment until I have met my client and discussed the way forward. I will have to speak with his family and get instruction from my client to comment, and only then can I issue a statement on these allegations,” the lawyer said.

Her’s how Twitter reacted to.

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