The Real Reasons Why Artists Release Singles Prior Albums

All upcoming artists out there should know that in the music industry no matter how talented you are it takes a whole of hard work to get as much attention as you can from the public. A way to break in is exposure, market yourself as an artist and make connections. The digital world we now living is making things convenient for everyone which is why it can be another great way to give you that big break.

The first would be releasing a single, either in collab or solo that single has got to be banging hit that will trend and get everyone talking. Take for instance what happened with the Thol’kuth single by  Killer Kau, he used social media to expose himself and gained himself a chance to work with one of the best DJs in the country Euphonik. The song is still a hit and it has opened many doors for him, he will be forever reminded as the Tholukuth hitmaker whether or not he drops other songs.

This applies for every kind of genre. Releasing a single is essential, its like taking the first step. Most get hyped up about releasing albums because they want to be seen as hardworking and dedicated that unfortunately kill their careers long before they begin. With all that said, upcoming artists should learn the reasons why successful musicians release singles before anything else.

Here are the real 5 reasons why artists release singles Prior albums.


1. To Build Fanbase

You can’t be a successful musician without followers or rather fans. Building a fan base is not as easy as it seems, people are hard to impress which is why releasing a hot likely to be a hit single is essential and why most artist do it and upcoming ones should do it. So musicians are always striving to keep the fire burning by giving fans music good enough to share. A good single build a solid fan base.

2. To Express Certain Emotions Or Thoughts Regarding 

Most musicians feel the only way to ever express themselves is by singing or rapping their hearts out in music. They decide to release a single to voice out something, it can be something of an important course like that song by Cici – Iqiniso , she released that single to express her pain and tell her story.

3.To Promote An Upcoming Album

The single is like an intro for an album the musicians are working on. Mafikizolo announced they will be releasing their album titled mafikizolo20 but before that they dropped a hit Love Potion, the song is having a positive recpetion which makes it obvious when their album release, it will sell like hot cakes. The single was a bait.

4.To Keep Their Relevance In Music Industry

Some musicians aren’t as lucky or as committed in music as others, so they get to drop that one song and we never hear of them. So the reasons why they drop singles and not albums it is to remind fans and all those who can boost their careers that they still exist.

5.To Make Money

Fact is, as much as music can be passion for artist it also another form of business so yes their main goal is to make a living out of the songs they make. That’s why they sell both in soft and hard copies.

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