Sfiso Ncwane’s Wife Ayanda On Her Thoughts Of Marrying Again

The wife of the late multi-award winning gospel star Sfiso Ncwane whose name is Ayanda has expressed her thoughts and views on getting married again.

Being the young and the beautiful widow that she is, people would expect that she is still planning to tie the knot again, the businesswoman boldly stated that she is not planning on walking down aisle ever again. She also spoke of how Sfis0 had always wanted a daughter that looks like her. “We had been trying for a baby. He wanted a daughter who looked like me. I wish he’d kept his semen stored in a lab or something. It would have been my wish to give him the daughter he wanted,” she said.

She said that being part of the supporting tool to other grieving widows plays a huge part in helping her deal with her own pain. When fellow celebrity Simphiwe lost her husband Dumi Masilela, she sent some comforting words to her because unlike most people she understood her better than anyone else. “As I sat listening to people comforting and advising her, I wished they could know nothing made sense to her at that stage. Nothing can prepare you for the journey that lies ahead,” she said.

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