“I have been in treatment for prostate cancer since 2008” Reveals Hugh Masekela

Jazz Veteran Hugh Masekela revealed in an a press statement released over the weekend that he has been suffering from prostate cancer and have been in treatment since 2008.

There have been a few shocking incidents about Hugh’s health this year. These health complications have compelled him to cancel all his upcoming set performances at the events such as Assupol-sponsored The Hugh Masekela Heritage Festival. The revelation of battling with prostate cancer took anyone by surprise.

“I have been in treatment for prostate cancer since 2008 when doctors discovered a small ‘speck’ on my bladder. The treatment seemed to be successful, but in March 2016, I had to undergo surgery as the cancer had spread,” he said in a statement and further added that Doctors kept on discovering tumors on his bladder. “Another tumour was discovered and subsequently, in September 2017, I had emergency treatment, and the tumour was neutralised,” he said.

Masekela went on to express how tough it is living with such condition. “It is a tough battle but I am greatly encouraged by the good wishes of family, friends and everyone who has supported my musical journey, which remains the greatest source of my inspiration. I have cancelled my commitments for the immediate future as I will need all my energy to continue this fight against prostate cancer.”

The 78 year old urged men to undergo regular tests.”I’m in a good space as I battle this stealthy disease, and I urge all men to have regular tests to check your own condition. Ask questions, demand answers and learn everything you can about this cancer, and tell others to do the same,” he said.

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