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Yung Swiss On His Beef With Emtee

Trapper Yung swiss speaks of how his beef with rapper Emtee has made chances of them working together in the future go from slim to none.

Few weeks back Swiss was crowned the best Tapper to ever come out of South Africa, while others were happy by these results from MTVBase Emtee was obviously not. The Roll-Up hitmaker took it to twitter to diss Yung Swiss, comparing himself to him and saying that he (Emtee) is the greatest of them all. The High hitmaker responded to the tweet and stated that he didn’t ask to be compared to Emtee or to be “the people’s favourite trapper”.

In an interview with TshisaLive publication, the David Genaro hitmaker said he is not looking to cook up the beef up Emtee started but he is not going to let him run over him any way he pleases and also admitted that he (Yung Swiss) didn’t discredit anyone on that list. “I was happy to be number one. At the end of the day that is what we are in this game for.  And I’m not going to say I don’t think I should be number one. I am glad I am number one and I feel like I should be number one. I didn’t discredit anyone on that list but obviously Emtee and his team saw the list in a different way. I was like: ‘why are we doing this?’ but he just went on and on,” Swiss said

Yung Swiss went on to say that he thinks Emtee is one of the rappers and that he is super talented even though that won’t change his mind about collaborating with the Pearl Thusi hitmaker in the future. “I really think that Emtee is talented. If you look back at my tweets from last year I said that Emtee was one of the most talented guys in this industry because this dude literally has his own sound. He sounds like nobody else but himself and I really respect that as an artist. It was because of this that I wanted to work with him and before this (the list) I was planning on doing it. But now it is going to be awkward working with this guy in studio so I don’t think we can do it anymore,” Yung Swiss said.


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