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Download : Papa Penny – Gold Bone ft. Rafiki

Download : Papa Penny – Gold Bone ft. Rafiki. Following the announcement of his invention of a new genre Papa Penny drops a groovy single titled Gold Bone in collaboration with Rafiki.

The song is different from what you can expect from Papa penny, it’s just impossible not to like this track. He shifted far away from the disco sounds he’s known for. Papa penny did highlight that his upcoming single will be introducing the genre he invented which is more or less Hip Hop and is called Heavy Gum.

Penny explained the inspiration by the song. ] “I called it Goldie Bone because gold is an important mineral and has a beautiful colour. Also, everything I touch turns to gold. I want people to know that, as Africans, we are all Goldie Bone. We are precious like gold. We don’t wear animal skins and walk around like animals,” he said.

He said that he doesn’t want to be classified as the Shangaan disco legend. “I never labelled myself as Shangaan Disco King, other people did. I am tired of people knowing me only because of my language. Music is more than the language you speak,” he added.

The song Gold Bone proves just how much he has changed.

The song is available on iTunes for Downloaded.


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