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Pics! Distruction Boyz ‘Omunye’ Video Shoot

Pics! Distruction Boyz ‘Omunye’ Video Shoot. Despite being surrounded by some alleged controversy the single Omunye is having it’s music video made, you can tell from the images that the music video will be as lit as the song. These visuals include the boys themselves Thobani “Cue” Mgobhozi and Zipho “Gold” Mthembu, Media Personality Khanyi Mbau, DJ Tira and Junior DeRocka.

Last week there were reports that the song Omunye was allegedly banished by the SABC for allegedly encouraging unprotected sex. The fans came into their defense and accused SABC for misjudging the song as it portrays nothing of such. The manager of the group explained that the song has nothing to do with sex, it’s about a packed up party of people having fun.

SABC spokesperson clarified the news and said the song had not been banned by the SABC but that music was supplied to individual radio stations and played according to audience preference and suitability.

“It is wrong to say that the song has been banned by the SABC because music is not submitted to the SABC. It is submitted to radio stations who decide if the song fits in with their listeners and target market. If a song is not the right fit for the station it will not be selected and the SABC has no part in this process. However, we have stated that if a song is inappropriate or vulgar we will not play it out of principle. Like other songs, a radio edit will then need to be submitted,” he said.

The music video is underway and is set to release soon. For now you can check the images while anticipating.

Check out the images :

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