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“My wife and I fought a lot about nothing” Reveals DJ Fresh

DJ Fresh is amongst men who have taken an initiative to be part of the campaign #NoExcuse which aims to tackle gender-based abuse in South Africa, it was launched yesterday and plays a part in the practise of 16 days of activism. Fresh revealed the reasons why he decided to be part of this important initiative by revealing the domestic affairs he went through.

Fresh says being part of the campaign was personal for him . “It was a personal thing for me. I have been married for 15 years and the first three years of my marriage was tricky. My wife and I fought a lot about nothing,” the Metro FM jock says, adding that the fights would lead to verbal abuse. Our son was three years old when he caught one of our fights and it bothered me that my son was seeing his dad is that guy,” Explained the DJ.

He added that there were times when he had to learn to manage his temper and measure his words.”At times we think just because we didn’t beat her up, we are not abusers. Sometimes even a loaded statement cuts deeper. He added to his reasons that he wants to set a good example to his son through teaching him the importance of respecting women and himself.

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