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Busiswa On How The Industry Discriminated Her

Busiswa On How The Industry Discriminated Her For Not Being Sexy. Gqom songstress Busiswa has opened up about how the entertainment industry has been harsh on her just because she does not possess the looks expected of women in the industry.

Speaking to TshisaLive publication the Midnight Starring vocalist said that she is here to break the norms by proving that looks don’t really matter if you good at what you do.

“A difficulty that I still have is I am not a size 32. I am not the sexiest girl out there. I don’t fit into all the designer clothes. I don’t look like the model type that will wear shorts and shake my ass.That has been the industry norm for females and I have defied so many of the norms, and I have to keep doing that. I have to keep making my presence felt. I have to keep going,” said Busiswa.

She further added that she appreciated how her record label recognised her for her original talent not her body size. “Fortunately they weren’t looking for a pop star. They were looking for someone who is original. Even the people of South Africa are not always looking for a Rihanna or the perfect girl, they are looking for originality and I have tons of that,” she added.


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