Top 5 Most Disappointing SA Musicians In 2017

Top 5 Most Disappointing SA Musicians In 2017. Let’s be honest no matter how talented a musician can be, there are certain things they get to do that just overshadow that talent. This year we have seen what musicians have been getting up to and since the year’s about to end we can judge who has been the most disappointing.

The artists listed below are the ones most would agree disappointed fans with their actions this year. Those disappointing moments may have never reduced their fan base but it sure gave people an idea of who they are.

Here’s a list of Top 5 Musicians That Disapointed Us In 2017.


When he accidently live streamed himself taking a pee and had his genitals revealed for everyone to see, it was so disapointing & a definite WTF moment. He trended for days and judging how people reacted that was one incident he’ll be reminded of even in 5 years time. He later apologised to his fans saying it was a big mistake. He later released a single Enemy which must have been directed to those who commented negatively his ‘mistake’.

2.Arthur Mafokate

The case of him allegedly assaulting songstress Cici had other people look at him differently. There is no solid evidence if whether or not he assualted her but she remained adamant on her claims, released a song detailing her pain titled Iqiniso & showed off her bruised operated pelvic. The two pressed charges of assualt against each other.

3.Kelly Khumalo

This one is rather hilarious than disappointing. Kelly was a judge guest on the music show Idols SA 2017 where fans noticed her armpits were unbleached and darker than her skin colour when se raised her arms. The comments & memes were pure savage, if she was any weak she was going to commit suicide. The armpits made fans question her hygienic state, now that’s disapointment.

4.Nakhane Toure

Except for the film Inxeba The Wound that caused chaos on social media for allegedly downgrading the Xhosa culture, the music video he released afterwards displayed rather erotic scenes, makes one wonder who he’s making his music for.



Poltical opinions, Alleged Cocaine use, Cheating Claims, Snide Comments….When it comes to AKA, the list is endless, he has achieved a lot musically throughout the year but has too disappointed a number of people for not keeping his mouth shut when he should have.




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