Top 5 SA Best Jazz Artists Of All Time

Top 5 SA Best Jazz Artists Of All Time. One of the most underrated genres in SA, Jazz, the only genre with the power to relax and heal the soul, mind and heart at once. Jazz is usually referred to as old people’s music, music that is only loved by boring people. That stereotype has led to a number of people missing out on a very artistic piece of music that you don’t everywhere. Jazz is food for soul, its impressive to see there are South Africans who have taken time & interest to make such music.

Jazz in South Africa grew much as it did in the United States through performances in nightclubs, dances, and other venues, musicians had the opportunity to play music often.

“One unique aspect of the South African jazz scene was the appearance of imitating popular artists as closely as possible because the real musician wasn’t there to perform in the area. For instance, one could find a “Cape Town Dizzy Gillespie” who would imitate not only the music, but the look and style of Dizzy. This practice created a strong environment to nurture some artists who would eventually leave South Africa and become legitimate contributors to the international jazz scene.

Even though the genre is not as prominent as others, it still serves as one of the best sources of entertainment & meditation.

The artists on this list are just 5 of many who proved to the world that SA has so much more to offer especially musically. Some have passed on others are still alive either way they all contributed as much as they could in the industry.

Here’s a list of Top 5 SA Best Jazz Artists Of All Time :

1.Don Laka

He is not limited to being a jazz musician but is also a songwriter and music producer. He is a co-founder of Kalawa Jazzmee and owner of Bokone Music. He has more than 6 albums to his name Afro Chopin, Rebirth of Kwaai Jazz, Paradise, The Essential & Destiny to say the least.

2.Abdullah Ibrahim

He’s a pianist and composer. Performs internationally and is flying the SA flag way up high in the jazz scene through showcasing his skills.

3.Moses Khumalo

A saxophonist who managed to make 3 albumen Mntungwa, Ibuyile, The Best Of and unfortunately passed in the 4th Of September 2006.

4.Hugh Masekela

Trumpeter, flugelhornist, cornetist, composer and singer.

5.Alex Van Heerden

One of the most renowned SA Jazz musician who passed on having made most of his music internationally.
“my homeland of South Africa becomes frustratingly slow paced after a while.
I am therefore, a committed nomad. I live as a contemporary frontier rogue on the edges of the Karoo desert, or in absolute contrast, in the centre of Berlin,” he said on one of his interviews.

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