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10 Things You Dot Know About Anatii

Here Are 10 Things You Do Not Know About Anatii

  1. The rapper says he has been working his whole life
  2. He has changed his name quite a lot of times from Thunderkat to Anatii Royale and now it’s simply Anatii.
  3. He does not feel any pressure because he is doing something that he loves
  4. After his baby sister passed away, he went to the USA to work on his craft
  5. He says the Legacy he is after is bigger than one single genre
  6. He was vocally trained by RJ Benjamin
  7. He went to music school at age 16 and dropped out after a year
  8. In 2014, he released the single “Bananaz” featuring DJ Khalid
  9. He was born in Bisho, Eastern Cape, South Africa.
  10. He is a hip hop producer and musician

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