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10 Things You Do Not Know About Benny Maverick

Here Are 10 Things you Do Not Know About The House Dj Benny Maverick

  1. He prefers being home than going out
  2. He prefers home cooked meals than take aways
  3. He is a dad to baby girl Amukelani
  4. He enjoys the hip hop genre more than any other
  5. He is a house Dj
  6. Most are shocked about what he has become comparing to how he was back in high school
  7. People think he has a naturally mean look, but he says he is the total opposite of mean
  8. He says he is not really Zulu but he considers himself Zulu because he was born and raised in KZN
  9. He says he is a very private person, he prefers keeping things to himself
  10. He is a huge fan of comedies
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