5 Gospel Artists To Look Out For In 2017

Out of all the greatest gospel artists blessing us everyday it has taken quite a few to be on top of their game. It may not seem like it but Gospel music is the most selling and most loved genre of music compared to all other genres, it seems no matter how people can rock, dance and swagg around they still need that spiritual healing of music that uplifts and motivates them about life. what is most magical about this type of music is that everyone can relate to it.

Counted below are 5 of many loved Gospel musos who are making waves in the industry, their songs sell like hotcakes, their events are atteneded in great numbers, their albums go platinum, there’s just a lot of achievements with their music.

5 Gospel Artists To Look Out For In 2017

1.Dr Tumi

He has won himself a number of awards and broke a record when he filled up the Tickepto Dome in an concert where he performed all his hit songs. People love him so much they even bow down to him, something he confessed he doesnt like and stated that he would much prefer people praise and bow down to God and not him. “Some people started bowing, others touching my feet and bowing before me. That was the most uncomfortable thing I have ever experienced in my life. I essentially don’t believe that anyone should bow before me for whatever reason. Whether it’s out of gratitude, joy or respect,” he said.

2.Benjamin Dube

The list of his accomplishments is endless, this year he released an album Victorious In His Presence which went Gold in less than 10 days.

3. Khaya Mthethwa

He won Idols SA back in 2012, instead of singing Pop or R&B he decided to sing Gospel and makes best of it. He explained a while back why he chose to sing Gospel music.  “It was and just is who I am. I could have easily continued with pop music or soul or whatever, but I didn’t want to do something I wouldn’t be able to come back from. Gospel has always been part of my story, my identity and I always knew God had placed me here for a reason,” he said.

4. Hlengiwe Mhlaba

She has been in the industry for years and still she never cease to keep the crowd moved by her spiritual and soul touching music.

5. Sipho Makhabane

Sipho is also one of the most loved Gospel Veteran, he released an album few months back titled Hamba Nami. The album is available on music stores and on iTunes.

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