Dumi Mkokstad Allegedly Coerced Girlfriend To Have An Abortion

Gospel star Dumi Mkokstad is being accused by a 21-year old girl named Nomfundo who he dated, slept with, impregnated and then allegedly compelled to eliminate the pregnancy. According to Isolezwe the young girl said she & Dumi met via facebook.

The girl further claimed that she was a virgin when she slept with Dumi who she pleaded to use a Condom during their intimacy but he refused.

Nomfundo put into detail the first time she had sex with Dumi. “We hooked up and then he took me to his place in Musgrave. In the house we found his brother sitting with his girlfriend. We chilled with them for a bit then they left us. That’s when Dumi took me to his room, pushed onto his bed, began undressing me and had sex with me.”

Nomfundo mentioned that for a while the relationship was great and that she would even visit him at the studio, the two slept twice together. That was until the abortion took place & the relationship turned sour as Dumi stopped answering her calls.

Dumi allegedly funded the abortion. Nomfundo claims that Dumi gave her R700 to do the abortion.

She said that all she wants is for Dumi to pay for damages after he allegedly forced her to abort the baby after finding out that she was pregnant.

Dumi remained mum on the abortion allegations when the Isolezwe Publication asked him.

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