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J Something Opens Up About Being A Father And A Husband

J Something Opens Up About Being A Father And A HusbandMiCasa’s lead vocalist J Something revealed some good news to hid fans that he is a father to a newly born son and spoke of how he is more concerned on being a good father and a goof husband more than he does being a celebrity.

He s.2017 was a tough year as a family after his mom, who he is very close with, had a mild heart attack and life was really busy with the restaurant, book launch and TV show.

“One of the things I realised is that I don’t want to be a famous person. I want to die being a good husband. A good father. A good family person,” he said in an interview with Gareth Cliff On CliffCentral.

He said he made the decision to dedicate the cooking book he launched last year to his son so that one day his son could look back and be proud.

“It’s something I’ve never mentioned. I have a lightie. My first born child. I dedicated the book to my son because one day he’d be able to go and read ‘my dad dedicated something to me,” he added.

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