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Letoya Makhene To Be Out Of Spotlight Until Body Recovery

Latoya addresses the pressure of body-obsession

Actress and Singer Letoya Makhene gave birth to a beautiful baby boy few months ago and has now expressed that it’ll take some time until she gets back on screen with aim of recovering her body after birth. The songstress commented  that some are obsessed and lucky to get back in shape right after giving birth and she’s not like that.

Makhene shared a video clip of her workout schedule and captioned it to address the pressure of snapping back to good shape after having a baby.

“I’m doing this because lately there’s been this unnecessary pressure to ‘snap back’ immediately after having a baby and that’s not real. While some might be luckier than others to lose the weight faster, and believe me I’m not one of those. Fact is our bodies need to be given time to heal,” she said on a clip.

Letoya said she decided to embrace exercise rather than go under the knife.

“While I don’t judge anyone for going under the knife, some of us make a choice not to go that route, hell I’ve pushed out four babies because I’m sh*t scared of getting cut up. Bringing life into this world has been such a humbling experience for me. Knowing that my body could produce such amazing beings is by far the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced. And I won’t let this new “snap back” phenomena take away from the pure joy in my heart.”

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